Oct 19

The Truth About Home Canning

Raspberry jam

Raspberry jam

If you’ve thought about doing some of your own canning this year but find it a bit intimidating, don’t despair! Learn the difference between truth and myth when it comes to home canning before you throw your arms up and walk away.

Myth One: Canning is too expensive.

Truth: Canning actually save you money!

Most of the canning supplies you need, you’ve probably already got in your own kitchen. Other basic equipment can be purchased for just a few dollars. You don’t even need a special canning pot to boil your jars. You can just use a large lidded pot you already own. You can pick up canning jars at yard sales and thrift stores to save money, and once you have them, you can reuse them for years. The only major expense is if you want to get into pressure canning your food, which you can find for under $100, but which isn’t necessary for many kinds of canning.

Once you’ve got your equipment assembled, canning can actually save you money. How? Because you can make your own fresh, organic foods for less than you can buy them. Not only that, it’s simple and cheaper to can gourmet food, too. That pickled asparagus that you love so much and pay $6.00 a jar for? Can it yourself for $1.50!

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