Jul 24

‘Stranger Things’ Lives Up to the Hype

stranger-things-posterSince Netflix released the Spielberg-esque ode to the ominous 80’s, Stranger Things, this month, the internets have gone wild over the show, and it’s no exception here.  I’d have to say that Stranger Things is definitely the most captivating television show that I’ve seen since LOST.

The suspense begins when a young boy, Will Byers, goes missing in a small town, and from that point the show winds into a series of increasingly mysterious events that left me wanting more with each episode.

stranger-things-netflix 2The characters are equally captivating, as well, including the missing boy’s friends, who are a crew of oddball, awkward gamer boys; Will’s mother, played by 80’s icon Winona Ryder; and more fascinating characters that we meet along the way, not the least of whom is a girl named Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown.

I thought that I would start binge-watching the show on Sunday night, expecting to finish in a couple of weeks, yet I couldn’t keep myself from playing each episode one after the other and wound up finishing all eight episodes of the season by Monday night.

The trailer gives a pretty good indication of what you can expect from the show:


Also, the main theme of the show, created by Kyle Dixon + Michael Stein of Austin band S U R V I V E, is as delightfully eerie as the show itself.


You can also look forward to some nostalgic music from Joy Division, New Order, The Clash, Peter Gabriel, and Echo & The Bunnymen in the show.

Please tell me there will be more seasons.

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