Feb 15

Stranger Things Fans: Enjoy Some Fresh Air for Awhile

Stranger Things Fans: if you’re like me and Stranger Things is one of the only television shows that you get terribly excited about, then my recommendation to you is to go outside and enjoy the rest of winter, spring, … and summer, because season two won’t debut until Halloween.

But there is a teaser for eager fans like myself awaiting the next season, which was aired on Super Bowl weekend. And from the looks of it, there are far worse things in the Stranger Things world than the demogorgon:

Gauging from the Eggo commercial and Ghostbuster suits, it looks like we also have another fun ’80’s nostalgia trip to look forward to in the new season!

Netflix has also confirmed that all of the major stars of the show will be returning in their beloved character roles, all except for poor Barb; there is no #Justice4Barb in season two.  Stranger Things creators Matt and Ross Duffer have stated that Shannon Purser’s character will remain dead, but “will not be forgotten.”

However there are at least three new characters that we can look forward to in the show.

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