Aug 27

Joey Chou Does Pokémon Go Splendidly

Joey Chou Pokémon Go Artwork

Joey Chou Pokémon Go Artwork

Having a creative daughter that grew up as a huge fan of Pokémon, I know that it is much more than a game to many kids as well as adults. There’s a story to Pokémon, and many use the story and characters as a means of being quite creative. Just search for Pokémon on Deviant Art and you’ll find a whole world of amazing Pokémon art inspired by the game and show.

Of all of the Pokémon Go art that has been made since the new game was released in July, Joey Chou’s is my favorite.

His style reminds me of the brilliant illustrations of Disney’s Mary Blair, an illustrator who created designs in the ’30’s and ’40’s that Disney’s It’s a Small World, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, and Peter Pan were based on.

The picture shown here is from the first study Joey Chou created that was inspired by Pokémon Go.

You can find more of his whimsical illustrations, including more Pokémon Go studies at his Joey Chou Tumblr page and you can follow him on Facebook.

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