Oct 13

How to Make Great Baked Goods With Your Pumpkins

Pumpkin BreadSo you grew pumpkins this year. Or maybe you just bought some to decorate the house or yard. Don’t throw them out; use them for baking. With pumpkin puree, you can make great baked goods from bread to pies to muffins. Sure you can buy canned pumpkin from the store but fresh is better, healthier, and you’ll save money.

While we’re biased toward fresh pumpkin, quite frankly, in many recipes we have a hard time telling the difference between fresh and canned. And we often use commercially canned pumpkin for the convenience.

Most recipes call for pumpkin puree but that’s not the only way that you can use fresh pumpkin. You can grate fresh pumpkin and add it to your bread or muffins. It’s even good in a casserole or in a soup. Grated pumpkin will give you attractive flecks of orange in your bread or muffins and a little chewier texture. But since most recipes call for puree, here’s how to prepare it…


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