Oct 19

How to Cook Fresh Pumpkin

Fresh pumpkin porridge with rice, milk and cinnamonMy favorite part of fall is food laced with pumpkin! From scones to lattes, to cookies and roasted seeds, I never get sick of pumpkin. Although most recipes that use pumpkin will allow you to use canned puree, it’s not as hard as you might think to cook your own fresh pumpkin to use in your recipes.

Not all Pumpkins are Created Equal

There are well over 50 different varieties of pumpkins. Some were developed specifically for carving and decoration, while others were developed for use in food. The jack-o-lantern varieties, while large and impressive, aren’t as good to eat. Most have been grown to carve and are stringy, tasteless, and watery. You can eat them without harm, but you’ll get better results with your pumpkin if you use a variety grown specifically for culinary purposes.

A culinary pumpkin is usually much smaller than their jack-o-lantern cousins. Their small size makes them easier to manage in the kitchen, easier to cook and cut into pieces. They also have much better flavor and texture for cooking.

Popular cooking pumpkins have names like Pie, Sugar, Cheese, Cinderella and Sugar Pie.

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