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Feb 15

Stranger Things Fans: Enjoy Some Fresh Air for Awhile

Stranger Things Fans: if you’re like me and Stranger Things is one of the only television shows that you get terribly excited about, then my recommendation to you is to go outside and enjoy the rest of winter, spring, … and summer, because season two won’t debut until Halloween. But there is a teaser for eager …

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Jul 24

‘Stranger Things’ Lives Up to the Hype

Since Netflix released the Spielberg-esque ode to the ominous 80’s, Stranger Things, this month, the internets have gone wild over the show, and it’s no exception here.  I’d have to say that Stranger Things is definitely the most captivating television show that I’ve seen since LOST. The suspense begins when a young boy, Will Byers, goes …

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