Oct 11

Canning – How To Can Peach, Apple and Pumpkin Fruit Butters With Recipes

Cinnamon Apple Butter

Cinnamon Apple Butter

During the Summer and Fall months I enjoy harvesting the fruits and vegetables that we grow in our garden every season. Once our food is harvested…I like to get busy in my kitchen canning a variety of relishes, soups and fruit butters.

Canning is not a difficult process like most people think and it can be learned in just a few short hours if you are a beginner. Canning is a great way for you to preserve your garden harvest to use during the next year…since most canned items will last for 1 year if properly processed.

The following three recipes are my family’s favorite fruit butter recipes. You will need a water bath canner and basic canning supplies to make them. I recommend processing them in 1/2 pint or 1 pint sized mason jars.

Fall canning recipes after the jump!

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